Thursday, December 20, 2007

...more live blogging from Buller's Microcentro! Lot's of Quaffers, lots of Democrats... MORE new members! Come on down! Have an Ice Cold Beer! Leave a comment! Send an email. SEND YOUR VOTE! Yummy.



Wednesday, December 12, 2007

All your Quaffers ARE BELONG TO ME!!!

Beers bitches! Make no attempt to adjust your internet connection! We have seized control. This is a coup d'état. This is a golpe del estado. (well... uhh... at least until Alan gets back from vacation...)

This month: BULLER'S PUB!

NO! Not THAT one!

Not the pansy-ass excuse for a beer garden in RECCCOLLLLETAAA...


MICROCENTRO!!! Paraguay 428

No shaving! No mentioning the "Scottish Play" or you will buy a round for the group! NO EXCUSES! The constitution and legislature have been dissolved! You will assemble at Buller's, Paraguay 428, at 8pm, Thursday the 20th of December!

Christmas? CHRISTMAS! Christmas has been suspended! least until the 24th or 25th or...whatever!

TRAINS to Retiro Station! Subway to San Martin... or FORCED MARCH from the subte linea B at Leandro N. Alem (...whatever works best for you.)

COLLECTIVOS! Man the collectivos! The 6! The 7! The 9! The 20! The 22! The 23! The 26! The 28! The 33! The 45! The 50! The 54! The 56! The 62! The 70! The 91! The 115 The 126! The 130! The 132! The 142! The 150! The 152! You can even take the 963 for cryin' out loud!

GRETCHEN! Don't pour me my usual "cuban breeze"! I'm going to drink BEER with the insurgency!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

2nd Quaffers Meeting!

What a fine evening and whadda great boliche in which to drink wonderful beer with other buen muchachos of all ages and persuasions.

I cannot say enough about the Chairman's selection of our venue. Cervezaría Cossab will see many returns of our members both individually and, no doubt, as a group. Craft beers from throughout the Argentine were well represented, including, of course, a fine list of beers brewed on the premises.

Ladies and germs... they actually locked the doors for us and we strained our welcome to the very limits of the staff's fine hospitality as we contravened every dramshop act on the book (if any) in our fine país. Service was esplendido especially considering our group fortification of unlimited pizza for nothing more than 10pesos por persona.

Himself (our Chairman) hints at an even better place to convene for next month's meeting. If such a place exists that can supercede Cossab... it promises to both boggle the mind and leave you with even more money in your pocket than when you entered!

Many new faces were seen glowing in the friendly shadows even as some familiar ones were not... no doubt owing to the recent Oktoberfest in Córdoba, a festivus that can truly try strong men's higados. We anticipate their attendance next month.

Membership in the group continues to be open!

If the Facebook interface exceeds your patience, feel free to apply with a comment to this blog entry.


Friday, October 12, 2007

A Message from the Chairman

Hello Gents,

Excellent news! I'm going to Cordoba to drink lots of beer at Oktoberfest this weekend...

EVEN BETTER NEWS! After great deliberation, the 2nd Quaffers (AKA "The League of Buenos Aires Beer Drinkers Against Quilmes") meeting has been set for next week. Here are the details:

9pm, Wednesday 17th October 2007
Cossab Cerveceria
On the corner of Carlos Calvo and Jose Marmol, in Boedo (here's a map on their site -
Near Subway station "La Plata" on the E Line, and several bus routes (listed on that map page on their site)
My cell phone, in case of confusion: 15 5973 7000

Be there, or be sober.

[Just don't mention the Q word]

Oh, and if you are not sure about getting there because Boedo is new ground for you, please do join me to get the bus out there. We'll meet on the corner of Santa Fe and Scalabrini Ortiz (on the corner that has the cafe with the large coke advert above it) at 8pm, to catch a bus there. Please do let me know if you want to join me in traveling there. And be punctual if you do. Tiempo Ingles.

A little bit about Cossab. They have possibly the widest range of Argentine beers that I have seen in a bar in Buenos Aires, with many options on tap. They also have a load of imports. AND they are cheaper than Cruzat (where we went last time), especially if you buy beer in pitchers, which I'm sure we will. Plus, on Wednesday nights they have a "Pizza Libre" option, where you pay a certain amount (can't remember how much, but a good deal I'm sure) and eat as much Pizza as you like. Great for soaking up all that beer. I'll certainly need it.

Hope to see many of you there! If not, we'll hoist some beers in your honor all the same.



R.S.V.P here or at

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Caballeros todos...

There is distressing news. A foreign organization has taken upon itself to rate the best beers in all of Argentina. A distiguished member provides the following evidence:

Name Brewer Ratings Score
1 Buller India Pale Ale Buller Brewing Company 12 3.32
2 Antares Imperial Stout Antares 17 3.3
3 Blest Bock Cerveceria Blest 12 3.28
4 Buller Honey Beer Buller Brewing Company 11 3.18
5 Antares Scotch Antares 20 3.17
6 Jerome Cerveza Negra Cerveceria Jerome 24 3.16
7 El Bolson Negra Ahumada Cerveceria Artesanal El Bolson 11 3.1
8 Buller Oktoberfest Buller Brewing Company 10 3.09
9 Otro Mundo Strong Red Ale Otro Mundo Brewing Company 27 3.08
10 Antares Barley Wine Antares 17 3.04
11 Antares Porter Antares 25 3.04
12 Buller Cream Ale Buller Brewing Company 11 2.69
13 Schneider Negra (Argentina) Compañía Industrial Cervecería S.A 12 2.63
14 Jerome Cerveza Roja Cerveceria Jerome 14 2.63
15 Antares Kölsch Antares 20 2.63
16 Jerome Cerveza Diablo Cerveceria Jerome 20 2.61
17 Quilmes Stout Cerveceria Malteria Quilmes SAICAY (InBev) 19 2.47
18 Quilmes Bock Cerveceria Malteria Quilmes SAICAY (InBev) 19 2.18
19 Isenbeck Premium C.A.S.A. Isenbeck (Warsteiner) 32 2.06
20 Schneider Cerveza Rubia Compañía Industrial Cervecería S.A 10 2.05
21 Quilmes Cristal Cerveceria Malteria Quilmes SAICAY (InBev) 271 1.9
22 Jerome Cerveza Rubia Cerveceria Jerome 17 1.78
23 Andes Cerveceria Malteria Quilmes SAICAY (InBev) 14 1.75
24 Patagonia C.A.S.A. Isenbeck (Warsteiner) 52 1.71
25 Iguana Cerveceria Malteria Quilmes SAICAY (InBev) 19 1.6
26 Palermo Cervecería Luján (Inversora Cervecera) 11 1.53

This cannot stand. This list has not been verified by the one sovereign, self-appointed body of tasting notes extant in the argentine.

(Although I must admit their acumen regarding the Scottish play!)

A general congress is indicated. What say ye?

Monday, September 24, 2007 general congress assembled:

1. Shaving is prohibited on the day of a beer outing. Better still (though not compulsory), don't shave for a week beforehand. Believe me, beer tastes better with a bit of growth.

2. You must agree to indulge The Founder by participating in tasting notes for at least one of the beers that you try.

3. Do not mention the "The Scottish Play" during a beer outing. Quite possibly the most important rule of them all. Contravention of this rule will result in a fine not to exceed one (1) round.

Proposed. Vote below.

The Chairman, in his wisdom, has proposed an excellent venue and date for our next General Congress: Cossab in Barrio Boedo, entre Carlos Calvo y Jose Marmol. - "it has a great selection of beers on tap and in bottles, plus on Wednesdays I believe they have a very good "Pizza Libre" deal. It's also cheaper than Cruzat." There are also planned contingencies for car-pool, bus-pool, subway-pool. What say ye? Vote below.

Proposed: Wednesday, October 17 at Cossab (in Boedo)

Looks like we've got our work cut out for us. Mr. Chairman, I move that we convene another General Congress for the specific purpose of reviewing one or more of the beers in the big list below.

You can click multiple items in the poll. Pick a week you would prefer. Then pick a day you would prefer. Then we'll try and narrow the month down to a few popular dates. Then we can vote again. Give it a shot!

Help Choose the Date of the Next General Congress